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Seeking For Advice on Unfair Review



Hi all my valuable Fiverr community,

Today, I received an unfair rating from my client. So, I would like to ask you all for your idea or solution on how to deal with such issue.

Here is how it all started.

While customizing my client's order, everything went smoothly. Although he did not come up with enough details or references for which he wanted me to follow, he agreed upon all the brand-new writing info and format which I outlined through my own research from scratch for him. He liked what I drafted for him, and I was so happy for that. And I thought that everything would go as perfectly as plan.

As the deadline arrived, I completed the work for him just on time, on point, and on agreement. There was no requirement left unfulfilled. Before we ended the deal, I did even ask him if he had any feedback on my work so that I could polish the final-best outcome for him.

So, he went through my submission and gave me a little feedback that I had to do a little touch up on. And of course, I did what he suggested. Eventually, he accepted my submission without having any other comment, and left me a review shortly after. The moment I got notified that he left me a review, I was so glad and rushed to give him my good genuine feedback for him as I had no doubt nothing went wrong.

The surprising thing was, he left me with a 3.7 star rating which made me feel so shocked and disappointed. Also, I believe it is kind of unfair. I have never received such a low rating so far since I have been working on Fiverr platform for 1.5 year.

I understand that getting less than a 5-star rating is truly normal in such service proving industry especially when we as a seller cannot satisfy our client to their ultimate need. However, what I intuitively think “UNFAIR” is when my client did not give me a realistic idea on what I lacked behind to achieve his need, but he ended up giving an instant unfair rating to my profile.

The truth is through his rating, he mentioned everything is good in communication (4 star), service as describe (4-star), but recommendation (3-star), in which I suppose I deserve better. For this reason, it absolutely saddens me as a thriving seller who holds a title as “Fiverr’s Choice”.

I always have a strong pursuit to deliver my clients the most compelling outcome for what they paid for. Therefore, when such an unfair-outlier rating appears, I really need our Fiverr’s community to advise me on how to deal with this kind of scenario. All your constructive feedbacks on this issue are wholeheartedly appreciated.

Thank you.

Best Regards,



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Getting lower than expected ratings stinks, but that doesn't mean it's unfair. Buyers can rate you however they'd like, and if this one didn't feel you were worthy of recommending to others (the 3 rating you mentioned), then they rated you how they should. I think most sellers have received a not-so-great review at one time or another if they've been working for any length of time. I have.

Take a deep breath and move on. 

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I think that every seller (even the best of the best) can get a bad review. Honestly - 3.7 is not that bad - of course, it's not 5, but still - it's not 1.  Once I got 2 star just because seller was in a very bad mood. He even texted about it later, but review can't be changed. And this is ok - it's just experience.

I know how it feels, but just keep going. You will forget about this review in a couple of days.

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