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Fiverr profile De-rank issue


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1 October 2021, I received a notification from Fiverr that your Gigs will no longer be promoted. I didn't take this notification so seriously but I was shocked when I analyzed that my entire profile has been de-ranked. All my gigs were thrown at the end of the page. I also talked to Custom Support. He told them to be patient and everything would be fine. But 106 days have passed and the profile is still de-ranked. Please tell me if there is any solution to my problem. It's been 106 days since I've had this problem. 

And this is the Custom support answer, same every time

I understand how important this is for you and that you'd like to know more about your Gigs' stats.

I have now reviewed your Gigs and I can confirm that they are all active and searchable on our site. 
Unfortunately, we have no influence over your Gigs' search position or over your Gig impressions. 

Your Gig stats, such as impressions are dependent on many different factors, including your seller statistics and performance. In addition to this, there are also internal factors that we can't disclose.

If you keep providing the best possible services, I'm sure your Gig statistics will increase soon.

Also, please note that Fiverr does not guarantee impressions, clicks, or views for your Gig. We do provide a marketplace for you to advertise your Gigs and leave you to find the best way to make them appealing and promote them outside of Fiverr to increase the number of views your Gig receives.

For more details on these stats, you can check our Help and Support article about Gig Statistics.
What I always like to recommend our sellers is to advertise their Gigs on their social media, it's a form of marketing we encourage very much.

Also, don't hesitate to get in touch with buyers in the Buyer’s Request section, as this is a goldmine that helps new sellers to get in touch with potential buyers. Submitting Offers to Buyer Requests .

I also suggest that you check out our Forum for tips on how to increase your Gig views.

Finally, you can try Fiverr “Learn” to expand your skills and to stand out in our marketplace. 

If someone has experience with how to get back ranking please share with us.

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2 hours ago, krarkhan said:

I also talked to Custom Support. He told them to be patient and everything would be fine.

Nowhere in their message they said to be patient and that everything would be fine. On the contrary they advised you to improve your performance to improve your results. 

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Yeah, I got the same message from Fiverr that my gig will no longer be promoted. And since then I have an issues with my account by been de-ranked and I have tried alot to ranked it back but still the same. The impressions and the click got down and still having zero sales to the extent that my gig was not showing on search page anymore

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On 1/16/2022 at 7:35 PM, olawalefathiu said:

I have been promoting it since but still the same.there was a time I saw it on search page and it got order consistently them but after a week I didn't see it anymore till date. I was still promoting it but still de-ranked again😓

Same happen with me for last 4 months account derank. Impressions went down from 6000 to 300. Even in last 3 months  i am done with like 78 orders of old customers and all went good. I contact fiverr support several times and every time recived similar messages to follow guideline and do marketing. I also discuss it to success manager also but i dont think it is being done manually. 

I am not marketer I dont know how to market but i did alot of hard work in blogging and social media. I find 1-2 customers outside fiverr but still nothing happen with account. I am satisfy on my end did every thing i can do. Now just patiently waiting for things go well soon.. 


I can underatand your situation and have an idea about your hard work behind profile. I can only suggest do best from your end rest leave on fiverr. 

We sellers all have different reasons of derank. If i or you will rank back obviously that will not be sloution for every one to follow same path. 

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