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Hi Everyone,
It's been 6 years of journey in Fiverr. But I have a suggestion that may be helpful for sellers. I noticed that sometimes buyers buy gigs without contacting or understanding the project details. They don't see the gig details properly so the amount of work with payment differ a lot. At that time the only way for sellers is to cancel the job. But if you cancel the rating of Order completion will be decreased a lot that affects seller level. My suggestion is to please include a facility for the seller to accept/reject the task whenever a buyer purchases without contact. So both seller and buyer can understand about the task can be complete or not.
I hope this will be very helpful for sellers to maintain level.
Thank you

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I speak only for myself, and I have no affiliation with Fiverr other than being a seller/buyer, but there is no way I can see that happening.  That topic is brought up on the forums fairly often, but the fact is that would likely have a very significant impact on Fiverr's revenue.  The thing so many people forget, or fail to consider, is that Fiverr is a for-profit publicly traded company, i.e., they are not here to make your life as a seller easier.  Obviously that last statement is predicated on the concept that they make money by creating a, generally speaking, great market for buyers and sellers to come together.  None-the-less, they are going to do what benefits the company most in the long-term, and that is not going to be giving the sellers an "out" every time they don't like a buyer.  Fiverr, works off of volume, and expects you to do the same.  In other words, if you are the kind of seller who manages only 1 or 2 cancellations per 100 order (or whatever the appropriate number is), then they are still going to promote your gig.  However, if they give you the ability to cancel an order without consequences, then instead of doing 98 orders with 2 cancellations, you now may be a seller who does 75 orders with 25 cancellations, which as originally stated, is money out of their pocket.  

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