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Hello all, this is Rakesh, a new seller, from India.

Fiverr is best platform in which one can get to showcase his/her talent and at the same time earn money from that.

And please share your tips , experiences/advices with me to start with ?

Thank You all in advance.

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Here some tips for you:

  1. Keyword: Research your niche keyword
  2. Gig Title: Write good title based on your keyword and your competitor
  3. Gig Description: Write clear description. You could read your best competitor
  4. Gig Cover Images: Create good one. If you have text on it, make sure your text readable.
  5. Gig Tag: Create tag based on point number #1
  6. Promote, promote, promote everywhere: social media, join group and share your expertise. Always help each other. Don't spam, don't desperately "hard selling" your gig.  

I write my experience how I got first order. It might help you.


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