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Can a buyer cancel the order even though I've sent the delivery ? ( he likes the work it but he isn't accepting the delivery )


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Hi there,

A couple days ago a pretty friendly person placed an order and I started working. Due to him not responding and our different timezones I had to extend the delivery by 4 days. After the 4 days the work was completely done, the buyer was extremely satisfied, everything was going perfectly fine. After he saw some pictures of the work, I delivered the product and went to sleep. 

I woke up  the next day with the order's status being  "late" and antoher message from the buyer saying "Feel free to close the order, really appreciate the work and also love it a lot!". At this point I was a bit sketchy about  this, I kindly asked the buyer to accept the delivery if possibile and sent another one ( same as the first delivery) then  went to sleep once again.

I'm writing this the exact morning after, I woke up and the buyer was online but the order was still not completed. I once again reached out to him in his Messages and asked him if he could maybe accept the delivery in order to complete the order. He didn't reply ( although he was online ). It's been  quite some time and he went offline ( for him it's currently night time ) again.

Long story short throughout the nights when the order should of been set as "delivered" the buyer kept sending messages making the status be set as "late". Essentially added up the order was more than 24 hours in the "late" status. I'm really concerned right now because earlier I understood there are 2 types of "Late" Orders : Very Late and Late.  In the Very late one ( over 24h late ), I've read that the buyer can simply close the order whenever he wants without reaching to customer support.

The work is currently delivered but I need to wait another 2 days for the order to be automatically marked as complete. Can the buyer close the order at this moment due to the "very late" status? If yes should I contact Customer Support? 

Thanks in advance.

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  • greentyt changed the title to Can a buyer cancel the order even though I've sent the delivery ? ( he likes the work it but he isn't accepting the delivery )
4 hours ago, donnovan86 said:

If you delivered the order, then it won't show up as late.

You sent the content via the delivery system? Or just a regular message?

Sent it  as Via Delivery but it still said  "Late", now it's currently "Delivered" can he cancel  the order though?


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It actually says LATE, but it isn't. Don't resend the delievery. Sometimes buyers don't bother closing out deliveries, and fiverr automatically does that after 3 days if there is no revision request. Resending the delievery would only extend your 3days. Just wait it out. 

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1 hour ago, greentyt said:

Ok thanks, didn't exactly answer my question but I figured something out.

Yes, delivered orders are sometimes shown as late but they aren't don't worry (presuming you delivered it using the delivery button),  once it is automatically marked as complete, the 'late status' will disappear automatically. 

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