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I want to update my gig.



Hi, I hope you are doing well. My gig Is ranking on the first page In the niche of 'Social media poster' with competing to 35k services & even not getting a single order, So I reviewed the gig and found that my gig Image and description must me updated to get orders. So will it effect my gig visibility?

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Here are my thoughts on gig updates...

If you feel that the changes you're making will help your gig stand out or will more clearly describe the services you offer, then by all means, make the improvements. 

I hope this helps! 🙂


I would prioritize long term optimization over short term visibility. 

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If you think gig thumbnail and gig descriptions are not good enough you can change. 


My opinion is, 

1. Check the best selling gig, and gather knowledge about how they optimize their profile, its not only gig thumbnail and gig description, but also your profile bio, profile description. Profile bio and profile description is very important. You should write those in short but informative. Buyer should understand clearly about which service you are offering. 

2. Do not write complicated English. try always easy English. Because whole worlds people are not familiar with English (We only can write English in Fiverr) So write a very simple English so a basic English person should understand what you wanted to say for your buyer.

3. You can try some Fiverr test related your service. So buyer can trust you. 

4. You can add some real certification you earned.

5. Your original information of study background.

6. A good looking profile photo must.

7. Appropriate Gig Pricing and gig offering




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