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Completed 1st order with a Tip


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Hi, I joined on Fiverr 6 days ago and after 4 days, I got an order from a client who live in USA. I completed the order and she left 5 stars review with a tip😍. It is very encouragement for me also for them who are new on Fiverr. Never give up.

Alhumdulillah🖤 Keep me in your prayers

S.I.Shakil & Afra Alam


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Hello, Today, I have got my 2nd order and completed the order successfully with 5 star review. However, I would prefer to give few tips for all:

1. Be active enough (Not 24 hours). Is it possible to be active for 24 hours daily? who say that active 24 hours and In my view they have not proper knowledge about this.

2. Send buyer request (Not 10/all a day). Maximum buyer request requirements are critical and that is the main reason to get a perfect seller via buyer request post system. If you send 10 request a day, and suppose your buyer have accepted the request and started order Or buyer send a message but at that moment you said you can't do or completed the order, what will happened? cancel the order? Fiverr algorithm will thought your approach is not skillful or you could lose your rank because you will get a click, message but failed to gent an order or maybe you have to cancel. 

*** I see many spam/Funny/illogical/
irrelevant buyer request screenshot in some social media where approximately 100+ seller send a request. Is is right or logical? 

Therefore, Send buyer request when you can complete a project minimum 70-80% or you have knowledge or skill. 

3. Make all gigs. Suppose your are a new seller and you are able to create 7 gigs. If you create 7 gigs you will have 7 opportunities/ways to get buyers. And most important part is, In a gig title you could target 2 sectors buyers.

Suppose, you are a Graphic Designer. Gig title: I will design amazing business card design, modern minimalist Logo design.

Here, you can see my targeted customers are form Graphic Design sector, business card and logo design. For instance, Your gig could rank in 2 sector. And, If you create 7 gigs like this can you imagine what will be the result? 

* Use Professional 3 images and 2 PDF

* You can follow gig description but not copy.

* And use low used or new keywords (minimum 2) 

4. Make a portfolio website of your. Upload your best work there. If you have a portfolio site, there is a high chance to get a job from a buyer. 

5. Communication skill which is most significant part. Make your communication skill as like a Pro.

6. Gig marketing. Do gig marketing in your targeted place. Do not market your gig huge time a day. If you do get order which you deserve then Fiverr algorithm will thought you gig is not perfect or you have much lacking or you are not a skillful seller.


Work hard but Smartly. 

I request you to avoid my mistakes and pray for me.

Thank you 


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Hello, Let's encouragement each other. My questions are:

  1. How many days later you got your 1st order? 
  2. How many days later you got your 2nd order? 
  3. How many days later you promoted to level 1 ? 
  4. How many days later you promoted to level 2 ?

Thank you

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