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  1. How can I open a gig on Fiverr Pro?
  2. anybody can join Seller Plus program?
  3. One of my buyer order on my gig on March 05, 2019 and still running 😂
  4. My second AWS certificate


  5. Already pay back but didn't find any option to get it again yet.
  6. already fulfil all the requirements for Top Rated this month. Is there any chance to achieve Top Rated batch next month?
  7. no, I don’t changes but I noticed when I get less orders my gig going down day by day
  8. The buyer wants a refund cause to think my plugins are null/cracked. I give the buyer all the proof that my all plugins are licensed. But the buyer can’t accept it, order already completed. I contact CS to cancel the order and refund. they mail me it will take time cause they are too busy. Now the buyer wants my license key, you know key are not shareable or saleable. I only used to client sites only. I gave the buyer CS mail screenshot and don’t understand Fiverr refund policy. Also, I told the buyer to give me access I’ll activate license but the buyer wants key or will give me a bad review. what can I do now?
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