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If you are searching for a shortcut to a successful gig, you won't find it. You need to put the work in. Some people will tell you "create gigs in X category to make money and be successful". I'd personally ignore this advice as its often incorrect. If you want to know what gigs will be successful it is one that meets all the following and more:

  • A gig which is a service in which you have sufficient abilities to deliver the work to an exceptional level of quality
  • A gig that is priced competitively and accurately for the work
  • A service that has enough demand to sell well
  • A gig that is targeted and marketed towards customers effectively
  • A gig created by a seller who provides excellent communication and service to buyers
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If you mean you want someone to make suggestions for your gig(s) - you're supposed to post in the "improve my gig" section for that.

If you are asking for a review to be created on the main site on one of your gigs for payment that wouldn't be allowed. There are gig(s) for proofreading your gig(s).


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