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  1. Edit your profile like as a professional seller done.
  2. Create your Gig SEO friendly.   So that buyer can search your gig easily.
  3. Upload an attractive Gig image.   You can visit professional sellers gig for idea.
  4. Wrote your Gig description clearly... So that a buyer can understand what type of service you will provide him.
  5. Start your Gig price with 5$. 
  6. Sent 10 buyer request properly, Everyday.

Most important for a new seller...  Try to be online as much as possible.

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7 hours ago, akibnayan said:

I want to rank my gig in fiverr first page.

That's not going to happen, because there is no set rank in the Fiverr search system. Search results are fluid, and look different to every searcher. You won't ever be "rank in first page", because no one gets ranked on the first page.

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Some useful tips to Rank your gig on Fiverr. 

1.  Select 5 perfect tags/keywords. Actually, you have to find some good keywords which people use to search different services related to your gig.
2. Create an attractive gig with proper keywords.
3. You should attach a High-Quality image to the gig. 
4. Create a meaningful title & description.
5. Push all tags/keywords on the title & description.
6. Try to use 3 packages in every gig.
7. Use FAQ properly and try to use all keywords in the different FAQs.

MK Neel

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