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Prices issue. Are they too low or too high?



About prices I think that the "normal" prices I saw on Fiverr in different categories are way too low for the importance of the products sold.

I think there should be a minimum depending the categories, but as example $5 prices should be only for casual or demos (as example singing an happy birthday).

I don't think these are professional products, so $5 is ok for me. But the real professional products, well, there should be a minimum limit. 

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I think your guideline of only very casual things going for $5 is a good one. Of course when I started everything was $5 so when I made my fantasy cover gig and the base price was $25, I felt like such a baddie. 

We've talked a lot about how the site has evolved from a site that was specifically designed for cheap services Example: one of my best friends once ordered a video of a dude dancing with a message on his belly as an anniversary present for his wife. 

For the work I do, I think there's a pretty wide range of prices and I'm probably on the high end. But I'm also pretty good at it, and I provide a whole lot of support and excellent end files. I'm also in very high demand right now. So I'm going to raise my prices. I think I *have* to because otherwise my work load is just not manageable right now. 

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On 9/20/2021 at 9:05 PM, rachelbostwick said:

I provide a whole lot of support

supporting our customers is so important, also for the repeat business score. It's important to keep them coming, and in any case, they have a solid pillar (our service) that solves their issues. So it's a win-win thing.

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