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How can I gate my first order very soon?



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In additon to the links that @imagination7413 and @gajuseidi gave you, please keep in mind that FIVERR is a English speaking platform. You wrote. "How can I gate my first order very soon." Which is not a simple typing error it is a error you made because you got two English words, get and gate confused. This kind of error may make prospective buyers be hesitant to work with you because they will fear you will not be able to understand what they need to be done. 

I also looked at your profile. You are a logo designer, yet your gig images do not indicate what you are selling? Many buyers will not read the description of your gig under the gig image, they will only look at the gig image to see what you sell. 

When I looked at your gig images and did not read the text beneath it I thought you sold canibas, marijuana, locks, and bottles. Only your Candle Label Designs tells what you sell.  

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