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  1. You may lose ranking for sometimes. Also you may lose ranking without edit as it isnot permanent as my experience says
  2. 1. Try to be online as long as possible 2. Increase Gig impression and click Hope luck will come to you. Don't be disappointed. Sucess may come sooner or later
  3. There are options you will find when you create Gig
  4. Better not to use short url. Fiverr has good url. We can use them. These are better
  5. Hi, I see there is option of 'refer'. Could anyone experienced guide me how to refer and earn? Thanks in advance
  6. What happened next? Have you contacted with the support team again?
  7. Congratulations. Give us some suggestion for us to shine
  8. So far as I can realize till now 1. Try to be online more time 2. Share your gig on social media 3. Send buyer request although these are now rare 4. Be active in Fiver forum
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