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No sales after nearly 2 years on Fiverr

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Guest ckspoiler

Hi everybody. I’ve been on Fiverr for nearly 2 years, and haven’t had a single sale. I’ve had plenty of different gigs which I have removed due to them getting no attention, and I currently have two active. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

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Hi there,

I checked your gigs, and I’d like to comment on your gumball machine gig.

Personally, I like the idea very much, the colors look really nice.

One thing I did realize was that the text was actually hard to see.

Of course I was able to read the “buy my gig” in the back, but it looked like

it was drowning in the gum balls and did not stand out.

Maybe you should reduce the amount of gumballs inside so you can make the text bigger.

Also, I think it might be a good idea to show more of the gum ball machine, right now

it looks more like a glass bowl.

Maybe place several gum ball machines next to each other so you can make

the messages longer.

Be sure to use Facebook and twitter and let your friends know about the gig,

print out fliers and post them at your school maybe?

Good luck! 🙂

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Hi Chris,

2 years… and you’re still trying to make Fiverr work for you??

Geez, you certainly get “points for persistence”! 😃

Ok, a couple of ideas:

  1. Weird gigs. If all your previous gigs were as “strange” as the two you have posted presently, that may be why you had no orders.

    Rather than posting only the things you MOST like to do, try being “responsive to your market”.

    In other words…

    Figure out what people on Fiverr are BUYING… then offer it to them. Simple! 🙂

  2. whitehatseo10 made some good suggestions. Further to that…

    A lot of Fiverr Buyers are online business people, searching for Sellers to do things they don’t have time to do, don’t want to do, or cannot do at all.

    Example: You’re in high school??? Oh, c’mon! EVERY teen your age, is a “Natural Expert” on the currently TRENDY websites.

    So offer gigs that involve things a business would want to do (promotion, marketing, customer interaction, brand recognition) on those Trendy sites like:





    -other Web2

    -the leading Social Bookmark

    …you get the idea.

    Hope that helps you. 🙂

    Robert, the Kind-hearted Buyer
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May be you should try making your headlines look simple…and do simple things…people here…dont want complicated stuffs… why dont you give a try on convert a video to mp3 or stuffs like that… and take whatever advice you can from the forums and be very active in the forum…And also try to improve your responsiveness…2 days are way too long!! And last but not the least…never give up… 🙂



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Guest pjoee123

Sorry to hear that. As rude as it sounds, you should sell what audience like 😦 We can do many things. But fiverr over the time became popular only for certain kinds of gigs. Not all can be sold here.

You better do thorough research on fiverr. Find out what people like and then sell the same in a different or unique way of your own.

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Allow me to jump in again,

Personally I really do think that the gumball gig has potential, there are so many

"I will put your message on…" gigs here. I guess you just need to promote them more.

You are in high school, right?

You can make birthday cards for your friends using the design, if there are any party or school events, try making a poster or something and see how people react.

Do you have any uncles or aunts, older cousins? Send them a card and see how they respond. You can ask them to show the card you made to people they know, and someone might contact you.

When you create the card, add your fiverr link in the back ( in small fonts of course), someone might show interest.

Good luck! 🙂

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When you sell something successfully the main reason is because its something people want to buy. And it is perfectly OK to sell a service someone else is selling as long as the gig isn’t copied, the words and pictures.

I’m not sure who would want their logo inside a gumball machine. It downgrades it, when people want their logo pumped up, looking important. What do gumballs sell for, 25 cents? And your logo is in there? lol

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Yes it is good to make a logo pop but the main thing is to make it look important.

A gig on here puts a logo on top of a big rich impressive looking building. That gig is doing so well it has about 20 in the waiting line all the time. Think about why this is.

It might be because people want their logo to look important.

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Add video(just talk about the gig and make sure to put your gumball image first so as to still have it as the display.) and change category. In my opinion your gumball gig is actually in the wrong category and a highly competitive one at that. Try Fun & Bizarre -> Your message on.

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