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20 Gigs + a new one!


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Hello anyone, this is my sunday message 😄 I think I'll write more on sundays because got more free time.

Today I talk about my GIGs. I won't include links (it's not permitted here), but I just want to discuss "philosophically".

Ok, I've got 20 GIGs... nice and I made a new one but it's in pause of course, till my Top Rated level starts.

I started with a single GIG initially, it was about 3 or 4 years ago. if you remember, I always said "never add more GIGs than you can manage and first of all, they must be paired to your skills".

It's true. I built my GIGs during many years, they all reflect my skills and I must say I'm very happy of what I've done.

I've received complains like "you have a supermarket of GIGs" 😄 ok it's funny, but I'm here since April 2018. So much time has passed and I had a lot of time to improve my Profile, GIGs and also fine tune my skills.

I'm not saying you can't try with 2, 3 or more GIGs. I just say "take it easy", calm, relaxed and do one GIG after another. Focus on your skills.

I study every day, I study anything related to music, I read books, study webinars and tutorials, check info for new procedures and I create new procedures, presets and scripts myself.

Be happy 😄 have fun. September is coming 😉


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I only have six gigs right now and I'm unreasonably proud of them. I'm constantly sharpening my gigs to make them fun and manageable for me and to make them easy for my potential customers to find.  I have 9 gigs in paused status, almost all with reviews from the past, but with ideas that either didn't sell well or stopped being fun for me. 

To be perfectly honest, though, I'm still having some trouble with overwhelm, personally and professionally. I have a constant demand for work as well as the demands of being a mom, managing a large household, taking care of a chronically ill husband, trying to be a good friend and a devoted parishioner, a dutiful granddaughter, etc, etc, etc. I'm not getting enough sleep and I have a pile of responsibilities in real life that are past due and starting to chip away at my self-respect. I think @smashradio is right. I reeeallly need to raise my prices.

On the plus side, two times in the past week I've gotten a three digit tip that was worth twice what my original gig price was. I had to send the customers new orders because the tips were too large. That is a really, really nice feeling.

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9 minutes ago, rachelbostwick said:

I'm not getting enough sleep and I have a pile of responsibilities in real life

I absolutely understand you. Today I woke up at 3 am, and started working of course. I fine tuned my GIGs, talked with a customer etc etc. and there is also real life.

About the prices, I think in general they are very low. I'll open a thread about the prices issue.

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