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  1. 1. Select one: (if you choose option 1 then I want to know how please tell)

    • without doing anything my gig got ranked and i get orders
    • Had to do some sort of promotion etc to get orders and to get ranked

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Firstly, I'm gonna ignore the whole "ranked" concept, as mentioned by Jonbaas. Second, NOBODY get orders without doing anything. At the very least, one must publish competent and legible gig pages, so that alone is already more than "without doing anything" and unfortunately, already disqualifies many gigs that currently clutter Fiverr from grossly inept/outright fraudulent sellers.

If by promotion, you mean posting links to your profile and gigs willy-nilly on social media, then you are not promoting, you are just a spam generator. If by joining scummy Facebook groups that trade favorites/views/orders/reviews, then you are still not promoting, but are a scuzzy cheat who tries to game the system and deceive prospective buyers.

I've done absolutely ZERO promotion of my services so far, but I definitely didn't get the ball rolling "without doing anything."


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