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Unfortunately, if the buyer left negative feedback, Could he change the feedback?



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If you didn't discuss with him about the feedback and ratings yet.

He came to your with this point first,

Then you can reply only one thing that, if you really want to change the feedback then you can contact support with a ticket if they can help.
Creating new ticket link is https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new


But if you are the one who asked him why 4 star or you could give 5 star as it's related to my reputation etc etc. I mean if you raised this point to your buyer in any way and then he want to change it, then you would be in trouble. Never do this, and just smile and ask him to skip this matter and we can work together in future again.

Never ever discuss about this to your buyer in future. If you do so, means you're violating Fiverr TOS!

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