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How to reactivate disabled account?

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As long as it was YOU that deactivated your account however long ago it was, then you have a chance of getting it back. If it was Fiverr who disabled your account, then you'll not be able to rejoin Fiverr.

You can contact Fiverr Customer Support through support@fiverr.com 

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On 8/10/2021 at 8:52 PM, vaishnaviijoshi said:

Hello, I had a older fiverr account which was disabled by me but now due to some reasons, I wanted to use that account again.


You can't have more than one account.

And if it was disabled, they disabled it because you did something against the rules. As a result, disabled accounts are not reinstated. That is, unless the Fiverr team did something wrong on their end. This is very rare to impossible these days. So.. What's disabled remains disabled.

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