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Fiverr availability


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1. I don't know.
Basically, I'm available while I'm awake and up and not doing anything that I'd not want to be interrupted,
so it differs from day to day. I don't keep count.

Sometimes, I'm so tired of all the spam messages by newly registered sellers
that I turn on out-of-office mode just because of that,
i.e., I'm then unintentionally just available for regular and return customers
who can message despite ooo mode
(and sadly not for new people who actually might want to hire me).

Sometimes, I'm unintentionally unavailable for a while
until I notice that my max orders in queue limits are reached and my Gig/s got paused,
even though I still could take orders (depending on size, desired turnaround time).

I also use ooo mode to intentionally be unavailable too,
to catch up on Fiverr orders, or do other stuff, or when I'm not well.

2. No fixed start or end time.
Start time is whenever I'm ready on any given day,
could be in the early morning, or after noon, or not at all, tendentially on Sundays.

End time is whenever I want to "sign off" for the day,
that will usually be late pm, could be at 5, 7, 9,
or even as late as midnight, or as early as 3pm, depending on circumstances.

It also depends on

  • how urgent something is,
  • how important, or
  • how fast I can deal with it. 

3. No. My phone is on during the night in case there's an emergency call
(involving loved ones or friends, no work "emergencies"!),
but notification sound is turned off.

4. My modus operandi probably is too chaotic to be a routine. 

Much of the above may seem unorganized and chaotic to many,
although I'm actually very organized in some regards.

If Fiverr had the often requested option of setting up office hours and days,
l might consider a less random routine, or maybe not,
there are drawbacks with that too, like customers' timezones, and more personal ones.
But I'd definitely think it through and try it out.


How about you, @callyofficial?


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@miiilait's nice you're able to be so flexible with your work hours.

I like to start my working day around 9:30am to 10am, I have other things to do before this. Then usually work on and off throughout the day and into the evening finishing some time between 6pm to as late as 10pm when I'm really busy.

I usually turn Fiverr notifications off at 10pm until I start in the morning as I like to make sure my relaxation time stays relaxation time. I used to keep them on all the time and felt I never had time to myself and was always answering messages. Since turning them off I've noticed no difference to orders, and never had a buyer unhappy they had to wait for a response, so it's worked well.

One thing I avoid is Out Of Office mode. The last time I used this I went from several orders a day to no orders for about 2 weeks. Now if I want time to do other things, I just temporarily add longer delivery times, increase prices, or both.

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