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Level 2 and Beyond!


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I am really excited to say that I am now a level 2 on two fiverr accounts and I have made over 1K! 🙂

I’ve sold my 10 bar tending lessons to 4 people on fiverr and my Bartender Gal alter ego has been hired by 2 websites to make cocktail youtube videos for them.

My other account EasyMedia just keeps getting orders for me to be a spokesperson for different products and websites. I NEVER thought I’d be a spokesperson…just didn’t think I had the personality for it or the voice, but I always have orders in my queue! I must be doing something right!

I cannot be more grateful! I have even started hiring people on fiverr to help me with designing my bartendergal eBook, writing scripts for more bar tending lessons, sales letters, marketing strategies…I’m going all the way!

I have found amazing people here on fiverr with great gigs and am loving that I am providing a service that people are extremely happy with. The feedback is so gratifying!

So, thanks to fiverr and the fiverr community! You guys rock!

-Bartender Gal

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