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I missed GiG SEO Live Today From Speaker Series


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I attended the SEO webinar. The Fiverr person noted that they made a recording and it will be available at a later date.

Did they say it will be available publicly? If it’s like with events I attended, the recording, or a link, was sent to the attendees per mail, I think, in which case, back to @imagination7413’s post.

They post many videos on their YT channel the past two years or so, but I don’t think I’m seeing videos of events I attended there and didn’t notice event recordings posted in the Events category either.

I’ll have to check, sometimes, I don’t seem to get mails for events from Eventbrite or wherever for new events, even though I agreed to receive them, and followed. Maybe I need to review my settings or sign up for mails again or something.

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