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Very annoying revision requested

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“Hope you doing well. I’m waiting for the client response and get back to you couple of hours”
It seems that I’m been outsourced… Had delivered the work 3 days ago, and only the last hr, the buyer request a revision said they need to wait.

So… what can I do? Like I provide 0 revision for this order and the fact this buyer is outsourcing, it’s telling me that this order will have a difficult future. This buyer will confirm asking me to revision again and again. And telling me that " my client don’t like", and if I stand firm against these request, most likely, the buyer will just cancel the order.

So sad, but that’s Fiverr …haha

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Guest ligiacarvalho

Outsourcing is common. It is part of freelancing. If you offered 0 revisions just stick to it. HE is your client, not his client. You just stick to your agreement with him.

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