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How to change 4.3 star rating to 5 star


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Recently I worked on a project and delivered. The buyer accepted the project and was very happy but he gave me 4.3 star with positive review. Now my rating is 4.3. Now how do I make 4.3 star into 5 star rating. And how many 5 star rating do I need. I have three 5 star rating and 1 negative rating.
And its saying maintain a 4.7 star rating. So how many more 5 star ratings are needed.

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You can’t do anything as contacting the Buyer to “improve” the 4.3 is a Fiverr ToS violation that could cost you your profile here.

All you can do is hope that future Buyers rate you with 5s and eventually that 4.3 won’t matter.

I have many 4s and one 2.

However, I have also completed over 800 jobs, so the law of averages works in my favour.

It will for you as well over time.

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