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  1. Same here. I got the promoted gigs feature a few months ago. After 2 days, I received a notification that my gigs are unqualified and can't be promoted anymore without any drop in my gig's performance. Until now, my statistics not only have been decreased but they have been increased even more. Not a single cancelation from December. Everything is at 100% and my overall rating is 4,9 but yet I haven't got the promoted feature back. I doubt I'll ever get it again.
  2. The criteria are the ones mentioned above with many more that no fiverr seller knows.
  3. You might have seen it too. There are many sellers on fiverr with gigs like "I will rank your gig on first page". I'm wondering who are they trying to fool? Ranking on first page is not something a seller can do. Actually it is but ONLY if he / she meets every single requirement of the fiverr algorithm. It's not about having the proper tags, title, description, it's not about having a great video or picture. It's all that with countless more factors that only fiverr knows. It's ridiculous to say "I will rank your gig on first page". If it was possible, every gig could be on the first page. An honest title would be "I might increase your chances to rank your fiverr gig".
  4. I have the same issue. There is no fix for that. You have to wait until you fulfill again some additional quality metrics in order to be qualified for promoted gigs feature.
  5. No one exept fiverr knows the exact additional quality metrics.
  6. How being active on the forum will help someone improve his response rate?
  7. This is the last message I received from CS regarding your question: “Since it is allowed that a user promotes their gigs on social media and promotions are a big part of Fiverr’s marketplace, combining it is completely acceptable.”
  8. Yes, it is completely allowed! I have contected customer support many times regarding the same question and the replied that it is absolutely fine to offer gigs related to fiverr gig promotion 🙂
  9. Hey Frank, I follow you very carefully every time you post and comment! The info and knowledge you share every time is definately worth reading! I think it’s just you and me on the forum! Let’s hope other greek fellows will prove me wrong now!
  10. My apologies if this thread doesn’t offer any valuable information or contribute in any way to the forum but I just thought it would be cool for us greek fiverr sellers to know each other better. I haven’t seen any greek sellers on the forum so chances are there aren’t many but anyway… My name is Paschalis, I’m from a small city named Drama in Northern Greece and I’m on fiverr for about 7 years.
  11. You can go to the mentioned conversation and click on “unmark as spam”.
  12. Welcome to fiverr! You seem a bit hurry! I had to wait more than a year to get my first order on fiverr! I don’t say that you won’t get an order within the next year. Hopefully you will get more than me! But 1 day or even 1 month without getting an order or a message after creating your fiverr profile is tottally normal if you ask me!
  13. You can check the status of your gig here. It will tell you if it is searchable or not. Fiverr.com Login to FiverrFiverr is the world's largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs.
  14. I’d suggest changing the title of this thread.
  15. This is not possible. You should definately have received an email explaining the reason. It sould also be mentioned in the notification you received on fiverr.
  16. I can’t find any reason why it wouldn’t be allowed.
  17. I might be wrong. The first time I checked I could see many sellers in logo design category but now I checked again and I can’t find a single seller from Bangladesh in any category that is pro verified. Strange…
  18. Yes, I just checked and there are many pro sellers from Bangladesh in the marketplace.
  19. You will find all the information you need here 🙂 Fiverr.com Fiverr Help and Education CenterOne marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done.
  20. How many days is the dealine? I suggest watiting at least one more day, if the remaining delivety time is more than 2 days. Then, if your buyer still don’t reply and if you think your work can be consindered as completed for this project, you can deliver the order and the buyer can ask for a revision if needed.
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