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Sellers are unsafe from Fruad buyers


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Sellers are not safe here I think CS is no more usefull for sellers and blindly supporting fruad buyers i just want to know how many of you agree with this and sellers are welcome to share their horrible experinces with such kind of buyers

sellers are unsafe from Fruad buyers
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It’s important to remember that there are hundreds of thousands of active sellers on Fiverr.

Relatively speaking, the number of complaints about CS that we see in the forum is few.

It’s also important to acknowledge that most of the time we are only seeing one side of the story reported in the forum.

There have also been posts in the forum from people who have publicly thanked CS for handling their complaint efficiently and fairly.

And it can surely be no coincidence that those who moan in the forum about CS often (but not always) seem unable to tell their story effectively - rambling on in long-winded, hard to digest paragraphs in bad English that often leave you none the wiser. If they run their business and complain to CS in the same way, then it’s no wonder that a) their buyer was unhappy, and b) CS struggled to understand them.

Personally, I’ve only ever had a positive experience of CS.

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