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Why My Fiverr Account is not getting orders. Need help


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Hello there, hope you are doing good. I’m a jobless person and working hard in freelancing to support my family but I’m not getting orders on my gigs even I’m an expert in my work, please check my Fiverr profile is mentioned below and drop some suggestions on how I’ll improve my Fiverr profile and Fiverr gigs further. Thank you, Abbas 🙃
Profile Link: https://www.fiverr.com/users/amazon_fbaa 🙃

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Hi Abbas,

I guess I see the problems this way:

Your images are either kind of horrid or appear to be borrowed (stolen). Neither of these make you feel reliable & trustworthy. These are your Gig images in a block

image906×369 128 KB

These are the Gigs I get offered as alternatives

While I instinctively do not trust anything/anyone in this space, that Amazon Ninja guy feels somewhat open, solid and therefore (dare I say it) trustworthy. Note not an advert for the fellow, I know nothing about him except this image but this is how gig images affect people. Which Gig will people be more likely to click on?

For someone supposedly a specialist with strong experience (and therefore assumed success) in PPC, one would assume you were better at selling in general. A marketer who fails at marketing is a thing that happens but at the same time, if you are seeming to have given up already, it sends a messy message.

Overall most of your gig text, while trying to seem positive leaves me feeling that you are begging & hoping more than reassuring me that you can/will solve my problem. Poor English may be a bit of a factor but so is self-belief. Are you really experienced in PPC or hoping i will believe that so you can earn a few scraps of money? Nothing wring with selling any honorable service but be sure you are really great at it or your fear shows.

If you can’t manage art, get someone else to do it. If you are really great at PPC, no one expects you to be great at graphic arts. The money spent (not on $5 gigs) should be well worth it. This applies even if you realize that PPC is not your thing but:

I will juggle cats whilst singing your national anthem backwards in Latin

is your great skill & passion in life.


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