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Questions to Graphid designers/ illustrators, anyone who uses the pen tablet!


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OK so I am having some MAJOR problems, so hopefully the graphic designer/ illustrator people can help me.

I’ve been using the Bamboo tablet (CTH-661W) for quite some time now, and it’s been working great. Recently I started using Photoshop Elements 2018, but I ran into a problem of not being able to draw any lines with line weight. I wasn’t sure why this was happening since when I was using an older version of Photoshop, I had no problems drawing thick/thin lines within the same stroke, and clearly the tablet’s pressure function was working.

I posted this problem on the Adobe forum, and one person suggested that I should download this support driver from here:


Wacom Global

Wacom Global

It worked. After I restarted my laptop, I fired up Photoshop, I scribbled some lines on the screen using the tablet, and boom, I was able to draw lines with line weight.

But right after that, I noticed something was wrong.
I CAN draw the lines with weight, but it seems like something got messed up with the tablet itself after I installed that support driver.
When I move the cursor ( not just Photoshop, but when I’m doing things on a regular screen) it “drags” things around, it changes the size of my screen display, there is a 2~5 second time lag, I see icons flickering when using Photoshop, the cursor constantly freezing, etc. When I try scribbling or drawing lines, the first few strokes will appear on the screen just fine, then a few seconds later, it freezes or suddenly slows down, and the lines don’t appear until seconds later.

When I use the touch pad, I have NO problems. It’s only when I use the pen tab. I usually use the pen tab as a mouse 99% of the time BTW. The moment I switch over to the pen tab, things start to happen. Just a while ago I was trying to do something with Photoshop, and when I tried clicking on the brush tool, again something got “dragged” and the entire image got rotated. I did not do that of course, and I did not use the
free transform or rotating tool.

Any suggestions??? Does this tend to happen?
Would it help if I just uninstall the Bamboo tablet and reinstall it again?? I’m pulling my hair out because I need Photoshop to do my gigs, and it’s took me 30 minutes to finish something that will normally take 15 minutes or so. 😭

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I wouldn’t be of any help here because I never got used to Wacom tablet as a mouse and drawing pad and it seems to be more technical problem.
Did you try reaching out to Wacom support? Maybe even coming in person so someone could check your tablet and pen?

But what I do is I use procreate and then just send it as psd file to photoshop

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Thanks guys for replying 🙂

So this is what happened:
I uninstalled the tablet driver and reinstalled it.
I fired up Photoshop, and for some reason I had NO problems.
No lagging, no freezing, everything seems to be good. I was able to draw
lines with weight smoothly and beautifully.

Now when I get OUT of photoshop and try doing normal things on my laptop
for example clicking on links, clicking between tabs/sites, clicking on Youtube videos, the time-lagging and the freezing starts. When I switch over to the touch pad, no problems.
I also noticed another problem, I was typing some documents using Word, but with the pen tab I absolutely cannot click/select/drag any parts of the text.
The cursor remains as the arrow.
Once I switch over to the touch pad, I can click/select/drag the text with no problem.

I guess at this point this has nothing to do with Adobe, I think I will try contacting

Hopefully I can get this figured out!

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I swear Wacom has the most incompetent programmers – the products are exceptional (to the point where any other brand is absurdly inferior) but their software/firmware side is trash. My drivers corrupt more often than cells regenerate in my body. :roll_eyes:

Go to the Wacom Centre app installed with the drivers and do the classic diagnostic 👉 reset your PC cycle.

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