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Tips for a newcomer


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Hey that’s looks great:D

I hope I can make this kind art…

I got my first client in like 1 month after joining…

The work was fairly simple but I remember It a unique experience:D

Not that hard when you stick to a good color pallette just go nuts with different brushes and let it flow. Thanks hope I get a client soon

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I joined Fiverr about four years ago.

It took me over a year to get my first Buyer.

In that time, I became a Buyer and hired a handful of different people for various tasks.

I was very pleased with most of them.

The others were horrible.

It taught me a quick lesson on how I should work on Fiverr if I got any jobs.

My second year here was incredibly busy as a result.

My third year here was not so good as I was “Out of Office” a lot due to illness.

My fourth year here has been slow but I don’t just work here.

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