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FInally after one month, I got my first order, and a 5 STAR review!


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Hello forum users! I want to share my thoughts and story about getting my first order and review on fiverr.

So I made and set up my gigs on around 14th December 2020. Since that day I have been very positive about getting to work on Fiverr. But no luck. Many days passed, but I didn’t have any activity on my gig. I started looking for solutions and applied all tips and tricks I could find.
I was getting so paranoid that I kept changing my descriptions and search tags on a regular basis. I thought some set of tags has to work, then I will stick to them forever. But the impression stats were fluctuating daily, like 20, then 11, 23, 7, 0, 15… and so on. It was becoming more confusing than before. I added one more gig because it was advised to have more and more gigs on the profile.

Fast forward, I got a message from someone from my sent offers to buyers requests. I was super excited. We talked for a day and then its silence again. No order.
One more person messaged me, I checked my sent requests, but they weren’t from there. So I guess they found me in searches. They asked me whether I can do a certain task. I said I don’t know about this much but let me look up how to do it. A few hours later, I said I will do this thing for you. They didn’t reply anything.
A few days later, on 10th of January, I suddenly got an order directly without any message. It was from the second person. Not only they asked me to do what we had discussed previously (and I learned recently), they also asked for 4 photorealistic renders for their product. So they directly purchased the premium plan of my gig. I got overwhelmed by the amount of instructions with the order. It took me a few minutes to process the good news.
I was supposed to deliver the order in 3 days. I started working right from that moment. But I delivered in a few hours over 2 days (on 12th of January). After a revision, they gave me a 5 STAR REVIEW

I’m really feeling very lucky and I’m looking forward to doing more work on Fiverr.
Now I think my ranking should improve. But it’s been 2 days and my impressions and ranking both are the same as before getting the order. If you have any tips for that please leave that too. Thank you.

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