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What should be given in revision while making a gig?


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While there is a certain type of person who says unlimited revision and writing keep working until the client is happy things in the hope it makes them seem a safe/easy choice, they are supremely unprofessional.

These things send a very poor message and only draw in the very worst of buyers - often more like thieves.

Be confident in what you do - or don’t offer it. Any more than 1 round of revision is excessive and simply says that you almost guarantee that you aren’t getting it right the first time. it also encourages the buyer not to put any effort at all into making the proper Brief. We all suffer as a result of that.


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Giving unlimited revisions is just plain dumb.

There will be Buyers who will take advantage of you making you revise your product several times and not paying you for the extra work.

I generally offer ONE revision. That isn’t even listed in most of my Gigs as I want to choose who I give that revision to. I’m far too busy with new Buyers and regular Buyers to spend a lot of extra time on revisions because someone didn’t like what I provided them.

Yes, there are times when a revision makes sense but offering unlimited revisions just cheapens your product and makes you look anything but professional.

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