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Done with fiverr


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Every time i just improve my ranking.

Some buyer place direct orders and cancel it by saying it was a mistake.

2-3 months ago same thing happened.
my 5 orders got cancelled same way and i lost level 2 and level-1 badge.

Now i recovered ratings. and when the time comes for evaluation.
A buyer place 6 orders directly sayin all happened because of mistake.
these projects worth 350$ plus.

i start customer support ticket but i recieve automated respond from them
after 25days and ticket was closed without any solution.

this is really badd and brutual…

and now i have to cancel all those.

my rating will drop again now.
and fiverrr customer support never respond to it…


So i personally asked buyer to please contact customer support and ask them to cancel.
because i will not cancel all of them. it gonna hurt my profile.

So he cooperated with me.
and started ticket

All the orders customer support cancelled and thank God…
This time my rating aint dropped.

I dont know why customer support dont entertain my ticket.
where as the respond to buyer within just a day

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Sorry to hear.

Fiverr does seem to be digging itself some holes at the moment. All to try to appease buyers who are doing more damage than good.

TBH I only check all my Freelance sites because if I don’t they will close me down (again) and with work scarce, one must live in hope. Otherwise I’d give em all up as a very bad joke as it seems far more a false hope than remotely good business sense.


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Guest humanissocial

I’m sorry. It’s really unfortunate that buyer errors affect our success. It’s so wrong.

We shouldn’t be penalized for things buyers are doing wrong, but that’s the nature of Fiverr. They don’t seem to care.

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