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Tips on closing the deal with the client


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Hello Fiverr Community,

I hope you all stay safe and healthy during these hard times!

Today I’d like to ask for a little bit of assistance and some advice on how to close the deals with the clients. The problem is I had many chats with the clients discussing my service and explaining its benefits for them that ends up by:

“Great stuff”
“Awesome thank you so much! I will reach back out shortly”
“I’ll place the order Tomorrow friend 😁
“Awesome, I will go with the middle tier package for now”
“I’ll go place my order for the middle gig”

And so forth. This is what I’ve got from my clients in the last week. As you can understand, none of them placed an order, and they just disappeared. What frustrates me here is that I’ve never had that many conversations that end up with nothing; it’s like something changed in how I talk with the clients; however, it hasn’t.

So I’d like to hear from you guys, how would you remind about yourself and your service to the client who either forgot about me, or changed their mind, or something else, just to understand the reason they haven’t proceed with the order. Obviously, I don’t want to push or force them to take any kind of action; it should be as smooth as possible. Sending something like “Hey, where you are? Let’s get started right now, and I’ll make a deal with $5 off for you” isn’t the way to go.

All the answers and opinions are highly appreciated!


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I also encountered buyer who replied postively with “great, that’s perfect…” ecc, but didn’t understand they had to place the order. So when they reply to you like that, I think you can just go ahead with sending them the custom offer, or like @zerlina84 said, you could gently ask them. Many could be new and may not know how to proceed. Others could just have forgotten, others may not be THAT interested.

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Whatever you do, do NOT reach out to them after the conversation has pretty much ended - and ask them how they are and if they want to take your great offer of $5 off or whatever. That message could be seen as spam to them and they can get you in hot water and a warning on your account.

When someone says half of the above things you mentioned, it means they are not interested, and it is highly unlikely they will buy anything. Just leave them be.


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Hi hope you are doing great.

to ease up your mind today I got an order from client that I had a conversation on last February and I sent a custom offer back then today buyer accepted it.

I do understand when buyers asks so many questions but in the end it was for nothing but that’s how it’s.
I had those kind of experience so my advice is for you change up how you communicating with them.as an example don’t try to sell things upfront so quickly try to understand buyers perspective and ask questions once you know what buyers need then tackle them.

Communicate with buyers for what can be the outcome look like rather than talking benefits It’s kind of disadvantage for you to talk benefits because once buyer knows what your box of service they will feel like I can go someone else because another seller can give me more than this.

once you gain the trust with the buyer he/she will ask you to send a custom offer which in most cases happens to me they always ask for custom offer because I always ask question what do they need and explain how the process work after order was placed rather than I can offer this for you or I can do this for you it’s about trust and communication that buyer can pursue you.

In the end it’s better to send a custom offer. that doesn’t mean they will accept it, but I guess it’s a “good reminder” that you would like to go ahead with it.

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