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  1. Amazing Info 🙂 I learnt new things too…
  2. New Metrics ☀️ Who knows what we will get in future?
  3. well it happens it’s happening to me right now my order completion going down day by day
  4. Keep Going Bro ! You will hit 1k soon 😋
  5. It’s happens but keep promoting don’t do spamming but do a good promoting 😇
  6. Try to clear the cache and history on your browser and it did work for me. 🙂
  7. 13 . If you are replying for the above post just like me :rofl:…” … You spend too much time in the Fiverr forum
  8. You violated a main rule in Fiverr so that’s why they restricted your account but if you are lucky odds will turn to your side and they will give the account back. It’s up to them 😶
  9. We cannot do anything you have to wait I know it’s hard and frustrating but don’t try to push Fiverr CS your account is in their hand so the only thing you can do is to have little patient.
  10. there is a simple answer but it will disappoint you 😶
  11. I don’t give any sample for any buyer and I don’t care how much buyer willing to pay so why is that it’s because I know for a fact that I am wasting my time just imagine no matter how hard I try and did the sample but still it won’t meet buyers picture perfect idea or what’s on buyers mind that’s a waste. Anyone who needs my service they can check my profile and work and reviews and they can decide whether they should go with me or not 🙂 You don’t need samples in order to work with a seller simply find a seller who provides unlimited revisions then work from there. ⚙️
  12. Yeah it’s Sucks but it’s what it is
  13. It’s because of Fiverr algorithm. Just do a quick search in forum about Gig rotation …
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