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Different ways to rank Fiverr GIG


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Professional and highly optimized GIG plays a very important role in getting more jobs for sellers and enhancing their business. As a Fiverr freelancer for the last couple of years, I recommend you follow these important points to make your GIG more professional and targeted to the right audience.

  1. Choose a long keyword for your GIG title. The title of GIG is very important for good SEO results so do research on finding the right and unique title for your GIG.
  2. Competitive Price: If you’re a beginner try to start selling at the lowest price in this way the chances of getting your first job will be high.
  3. Gig Description & Price: this part of the GIG is very important to rank GIG choose relevant tags for your GIG and also use those tags on description, packages & FAQs.
  4. Thumbnail: I think more buyers just focus on GIG thumbnails rather than reading the GIG title so your GIG thumbnail should be attractive and easy to read.
  5. Availability: Keep available on Fiverr as much as possible because buyers prefer to hire online sellers for fast communication and quick response.
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