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How Can I get Fiverr Choice On my Gigs?


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The other responses are absolutely correct. I regularly get Fiverr’s Choice on my gigs but this was wholly without any intervention or awareness on my side. They select gigs based on great service to clients in the recent past, as well as consistent performance.

Then, when you have won the Fiverr’s Choice badge one time, if you deliver this gig to a very high standard and get great feedback on that, it increases the chance you are chosen again for another Fiverr’s Choice gig.

It is best not to even think of these things or spend time worrying about them–and just work your absolute best on every single job. Eventually, as time goes on, you’ll rise through the levels and get Fiverr’s Choice by default. Using up time trying to ‘get’ things just takes away from the time you could be giving to your gigs and clients.

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