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Can you help me please with these gigs?


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Gig: I will design product label package box bottle for cbd

It says"Welcome to the FASTEST responsive gig in Fiverr. Ask me anything at any time and get your answer within 5 minutes."

I’d remove that because you can’t guarantee you’ll respond in 5 mins (eg. you must sleep some time).
Also your average response time shown on your profile is 4 hours (which is quite a lot more than 5 mins).

Gig: design logo stationary and business card with 2 concets

Your title says “concets” when I think you mean “concepts”.
Maybe the title could add a comma after “logo” if the next thing is something separate.

I think the title should say “stationery” instead of “stationary” (stationary=not moving).

You could mention the dpi and pixel dimensions of what you deliver (for the non-vector formats)

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