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New member, help?


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Hello it’s been one week and I don’t even know if my gigs are being seen by others on the platforme .
I’ve been following the advices of the website …to make at least one customer, but nothing. I don’t think the problem is with my skills,without being arrogant …
.so I would like advices on How to irmpove all of it…
-I’m in the character design / illustration field
-I shared on many media about it Facebook,instagram,tumblr
-Seen what the customer wants, and what others do
I’ve seen the gig analytic problem on the forum, but I’m not sure if it’s still the case
(I’ve tried to deconnect and clear my cookies …I’m gonna see with the support if there is a problem really )
update: just got a customer so I don’t know?
I need some tips on the subject , am I being to impatient and need to wait more ?

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