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When we cancel first order


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cancelling your order is very bad as it effect your profile

the criteria to get the level up gets down.

don’t do that and try to negotiate but Don’t cancel order by urself if extremely urgent let the customer cancel the order .

Just give suggestion i can delete account or stick with this account for future.

Tell me you see order for future or not

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I agree with @imagination7413 .
You had your reasons to cancel this order @uzairshakir, but in light of my knowledge on Fiverr, I highly recommend you to cancel little as possible (like mentionned by @heartbeatstore).
As you are a no level seller, Fiverr’s algorithm is testing you for 60 days. Indeed, they need to be sure that you’re giving high-quality services and make buyers happy. With a lot of 5* reviews and delivery on time, Fiverr will see they can provide you with more buyers.
During the first 60 days of your journey on Fiverr, I suggest you do your best to make buyers content and are active on Fiverr’s platform (buyer requests, forum, events, blog etc…).
You can also improve your gig’s ranking by taking a course on learn by Fiverr. There are many high-quality courses there. I took myself three of them.

Like you, I am still a no level seller, but I have completed nine orders all with 5* reviews and see daily more buyers coming to me to do business together. As I believe it is not by chance, I give you the knowledge I acquired to help you with your journey on Fiverr.
Now you’ve cancelled that order, continue to put into work.
Soon, you’ll be level 1 and 2, and why not top rated?
Does it make sense?

You’ll still receive order for sure even if you’ve done one cancellation.

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What you look in my profile in future I will get order or not?

you look in my profile in future I will get order or not?

Look, no one will be able to tell you the future. To tell you the future you can buy a gig on fiverr from a fortune teller, they probably the only ones who will be able to give you that information.

Wether you will get orders or not will ONLU depend on YOU.

Statistics are affected for 60 days and after that your cancellation wouldn’t be taken into account. On top of that Byers don’t see your statistics they look at your portfolio and if you have good portfolio they will buy from you.

Simple as that.

Starting a new profile wouldn’t bring you anything good. It’s still will be you sitting behind your account and making same mistakes. Where is the guarantee that you’ll deliver better work to your client on a new profile? Maybe you again deliver bad quality and your client again will want to cancel.

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