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New Seller- how can I improve?

Guest jeeaydee

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Guest lloydsolutions
I’m new on Fiverr. It has been 3 days and no one has ordered any of my gigs can someone suggest on how to improve my gigs and profile

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Can someone please take a look at my gigs and profile and give me some tips.

Hy! I just check Your gigs right! there are many things you can Improve.

First Make Your thumbnail catchy right check mean write some point on the thumbnail like my gig. then You have to use three images. You can also use the video. which will help your ranking.

and in the description Please give the full description search other top seller in your filed and look how they write the description.

try to share your gig on social media with this also send buyer request to getting order!

Hope this will help you!

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