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GIG Video Rejected

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Hello, How are you all?
I tried to make my video for Fiverr gig but it is rejected due to: -
“Dear flysparkling,
Thanks for uploading a video for your Gig ‘do high quality SEO on page optimization on your website’. Unfortunately, your video did not pass our editorial review due to the following:
The quality of the computarized narration is not up to the standard we expect. You may narrate the video yourself or try a professional. We recomend the narration to be made by a real person or by better software.
We invite you to fix these issues and upload your video again for review.
The Fiverr Team”

I am not good at narration and also I have not enough budget to hire someone for voice over.
Please suggest me the best software for Fiverr gig video text to speech computerized narration.
My Fiverr gig link is: -

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I don’t know any narration softwares myself, but I would suggest you consider if narration is necessary, at least for now. I know when I’m scrolling through Fiverr, I don’t listen to gig videos, unless it’s for something like music where the audio is needed. Could your message still be conveyed with words on the screen and is there a chance that could be just as effective, if not more. You can always add narration later on if you still want it.

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