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  1. So you think having no reviews will get you more orders? I question your logic. 4.7 or 4.8 is not a bad review.
  2. Read the TOS, stop breaking them. There’s a reason Fiverr has a 3 strikes policy. Warnings are there for a reason. Creating a new account is not a solution to consider. You should see where you are going wrong after the first warning and make sure you don’t break anymore TOS. If you hit 3 warnings and get your account suspended you only have yourself to blame. http://fiverr.com/terms_of_service
  3. I would say that isn’t a valid reason to delete your account. As @frank_d says, read the TOS, don’t break them again. I doubt CS would give you a fresh start as it would be misleading to buyers.
  4. 🐺 Noooooo Why are you attempting to delete your current account?
  5. Fun fact, Fiverr’s HQ is in Israel, GMT+3. We have remote offices in NYC, SF, Orlando, London and Berlin. The ticket should clarify that it’s 10am EDT. Amazing, learn something new everyday! I always thought they were based in NYC. Has it always been in Israel?
  6. I never download things attached to the buyer requests for this very reason. 9/10 times there enough info on their request to know if I will be of use or not. I make my offer and I won’t open any files until I have an order in place.
  7. Take a look at this post: Fiverr myths debunked
  8. I have had issues with different browsers, either not uploading at all or not showing the upload progress. I now use safari without any issue but the upload feature can be a bit temperamental at times.
  9. I had a quick browse of your profile and can’t see anything obvious that would cause you to be banned. As long as your content writing isn’t for academic work then you should be fine. As Fiverr TOS does not allow you to put work towards other people’s qualifications. Why are you so concerned about being banned? EDIT: I do see you have an “essay” writing gig. That’s probably a bit close to home to academic writing as the word essay is mainly associated with academic work, perhaps the word report or article would be a better fit. You should be careful here though
  10. I have in the past uploaded a low quality file for the order delivery but then provided a download link for the full version at best quality.
  11. You can share your gig to multiple platforms including the usual, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are also gigs in the Shoutouts category that you can use to promote your gig to a larger audience.
  12. GMT - Greenwich mean time, based in Greenwich in the UK. UTC - Universal co-ordinated time, again based in the UK but doesn’t change for the UK’s daylight saving time in summer. EDT - Eastern Timezone based in the east of the USA As Fiverr is based in EDT they tend to use that for their times. Your ticket is likely to show UTC though. A quick google will tell you any of these compared to where you live. I.E. EDT is +5 in the UK during summer.
  13. This is a community of sellers, not Fiverr staff. If you told us how your request was worded we might be able to point out where it is being declined but apart from that we can’t do anything about it. You would need to contact Fiverr support if you believe there is an error or bug in the system. Try sharing what you were requesting first as many of us are up to speed on the terms of service so could point out if they violate any of them.
  14. Reviews will stay on your main profile forever, 4 stars is not a bad review. I wouldn’t delete your gig as you would be back to square 1. A reasonable review is better than no review.
  15. No, this is something that has been discussed before, you are unlikely to increase your sales through using the forums as it is mainly made up of fellow sellers. It’s here to help people and for discussions about Fiverr, it’s not a publicity tool.
  16. I’m so pleased I’m not the only one confused about this. I’m not allocating a whole day to… Well, it sounds like sit in front of my computer watching videos about Fiverr. Also, I usually I only go to events where at 5 or 6, it cuts to free booze o’clock. I see no free booze here and that troubles me. :thinking: Don’t be a negative Nelly. It might be useful it might be not, but you won’t know unless you attend 🙂
  17. If you draw the mcdonalds logo instead of copying it from their website, it’s still mcdonalds logo and it’s still a breach of a trademark and copyright.
  18. I totally get why you might want to update your username. The only counter-argument I’d make to this, is that your name is super memorable. It’s one that I remember, even though I’ve only interacted with you on the forum a few times. I guess from a brand-building perspective, that’s pretty good? I bet your clients remember your name more than some others on the platform. I wish we could change ours from ‘cubittaudio’ to something like ‘cubittmedia’, as we now do more than just audio… but then, it doesn’t seem to have stopped us from getting non-vo work. There’s a guy on Fiverr who’s referenced in lots of press articles due to his success with animated video gigs and marketing gigs, and his username is ‘customdrumloops’ because he first started out selling drum loops! Good to know my name is memorable! Some of the forum members have even associated an emoji for me as well! Which even I have started using regularly. 🐺
  19. My username is Wolfhowler and has nothing whatsoever to do with my skills. It’s the name I used when gaming when I first created my account 10 years ago. I have never had an issue with sales and I’d say that anyone who doesn’t want my service due to my username is probably someone I wouldn’t want to work with. 🐺 EDIT: Given the opportunity would I now change my username…yes. I would love to make it more professional and I even put in a request 5 years ago with CS to see if this was possible and they turned me down.
  20. If you need details such as an email address to login to an account to complete the work I suggest you ask for it via a a text document. An email address alone could be automatically flagged through the Fiverr system for communicating outside of Fiverr, if you received a warning when that was not the case and you needed it to complete to work (not to communicate) I would open a support ticket. Someone can then review the warning and see if it was indeed needed. I sometimes need login details for a website to login and record a function and I always ask for this in requirements, and if it is not submitted I ask for it in a text file so it doesn’t flag the system. I had a warning very early on for just this but it was taken back when Fiverr saw the context was not to communicate outside of Fiverr but as login details.
  21. As long as they are not offering exactly the same service, as this is against TOS.
  22. Hi Nick, welcome to the community 🙂 I also create voice overs, usually along with my screen casting gig but also have a side gig setup for voice overs on their own.
  23. Hello, 🐺 do you and your partner sell different services? Yes we both sell different services. Although there has been the odd occasion where my partner has logged into her account via my laptop when her laptop has not been working to upload a delivery for an order. Again haven’t had anything back from Fiverr on the matter.
  24. What’s the issue? You don’t have to have a unique IP to use Fiverr. My partner is a seller and we use the same internet connection daily on the same IP address. Both logged in at the same time. Never had an issue.
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