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I got challenged

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It’s very interesting incident happen with me last week, I thought about sharing it with our fiverr community.
I got message from one customer, I understood his project and when i asked him for the deadline of the project, He said “when you can deliver gagan”. I said, I can deliver within 1 day sir (I am from India and time was late night 11"o clock when we are discussing the project).
He said if you deliver me this project today means within one hour i will pay you double amount !!
I took his order as a challenge to my mental strength and i said i will try sir !
I was going to sleep that time but I opened my pc started working his project and delivered in almost half hour. He got surprised like i delivered the order within 30 minutes.
i won the challenge and he given me tip of the price of order placed. I tested my self and i won in my own eyes.
He ordered for $15 and tipped for $15.
I am very happy with my own self.
this is my Little story, hope you like it 🙂

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