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An email about inactivity while I'm Out of Office

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I switched my account to ‘Out of Office’ up till June 6 till things settled down on my end. No big deal as I’ve done it before. Today while checking my inbox I see an email from fiverr saying they haven’t seen me in a while and was wondering if I was still able to work on the site.

Alarmed, I go to check my account to see if ‘Out of Office’ somehow got deactivated. To my surprise it was still active and got me thinking as to why the email was sent when my account clearly showed that this mode was active. When an account has this mode active, please don’t send emails asking if they’re still available to work on the site.

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I wonder if this is something new they’re doing? :thinking: I would be annoyed if I received an email like that especially if OOO is set.

I would be annoyed, too! It’s soooo pushy.

Fiverr seems to have no self awareness of how selfish and greedy they make their company look when they do stuff like that.

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