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How do i see if a buyer has bought my custom offer

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I have been in contact with a customer via the messaging system on Fiverr and I sent him a custom order. He says he bought it but I don’t know where I can see that or if he is telling the truth. We live in different Countries and it was 3 hours ago if that matters.

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It will be very obvious when you receive an order. A message will appear on your dashboard. If your buyer really has placed an order, this message should appear instantly without delay.

If you are a new seller, please be aware that some scammers will tell you they’ve placed an order, then give you an excuse for why you can’t see the order on your account. They will then either encourage you to carry out the work anyway, or give you a sob story designed to get you working for them.

Of course, once you message them the completed work - you will never hear from them again.

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