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Logo in 5$ only


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Hy Everyone, hope u all are fine…
I am professional logo designer new on fiverr,but didn’t get any order yet…
how i can get order…
so please help or give some tips…
if anyone is looking for business logo, brand identity logo ,company name logo,cafe shop logo,album cover design then please contact…
i will create in 5 $ only…
contact please…

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You joined Fiverr and you can imagine a lot of other people did that same thing. Currently, due to the situation around the world, there is a huge amount of people looking for job and some income, while on the other end the demand for services is decreasing as people are struggling to keep their business even open and operational.

It is a hard time for all and if you are interested in succeeding on Fiverr it will require patience.

What you can do is if you have free time and you wish to focus on improving your GIG, go through replies made from long term sellers here on Fiverr forum since they do give a lot of constructive and beneficial suggestions to improve your visibility.

And also use free time to gain other skills or improve the skills you already have.

Please respond to buyer request with a unique note addressing them, not general note, and do not send offers if it is not in your skills field.

I wish you a good Fiverr experience. Take care.

Plus logo is over-saturated category, try expanding your horizon to something else.

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Like mentioned before, logo design is oversaturate and it take time to have order, I’m here for 10 days and had no order yet for my logo design.
First, try to make your gig feel different, if you make another 5$ logo design, buyer will just take a look to other gigs with high rating reviews and ignore yours.
Second, try to improve your gigs SEO, try other keywords, a better picture, a good video, a catchy title…
This is recommendations I can give you

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