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How can I handle this?


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I kind of have a situation with a buyer about my gig. My gig is about sharing crowdfunding campaigns on Facebook, I do FB post on crowdfunding groups. I did this job for a buyer 10 months ago… This week he wrote to me to delete all this old post, which I did with no problem.

However, he keeps insisting that there’s one post left, a permalink, which I don’t even know what a permalink is. I have sent to him all kinds of proofs and screenshots that all the posts have been deleted, but he keeps insisting and I’m afraid that he is going to complain with CS.

Any suggestions about how can I handle this situation? I don’t know what else to say to him.
On one hand, he keeps insisting on this last post, but he refuses to send me the URL from the post so I can delete it. On the other, my gig doesn’t include either post-removal after the job is done.

Should I contact CS too?

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I dont think contacting CS would do much. Ive never recieved even a minute amount of help in issues i faced with buyers. Seems like support is heavily biased towards buyers.

Having said that, do let us know if you get any positive response from support

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