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  1. I have created my account 8-9 months ago and I am getting 1 order per month which is not enough for a full time freelancer. This is really depress situation.
  2. Hi, I want to change my name on Fiverr so I have decided to delete my current account then create new one. Getting no orders is also one of the reasons. Can you give it the best advice on how to delete my account? Should first I need to remove my payment gateway or what? Thanks
  3. @blavaro @pussyacat I am working in this field since Nokia was the king of the cell phone industry. That was the era of the Nokia 3310. I am the witness of DCT-1, DCT-2, DCT-3, DCT-4, BB5, Symbian, and window phones and worked with all of them. There is nothing wrong if 1 or 2 years are more or less mentioned in my gig. I believe it is not fraudulent activity. Yes, we have every new mobile in our country just after 1 week of its launch date. Only criminal activity in my job is changing IMEI of the phone and I never ever offered this service. BTW thank you all for your time . I appreciate.
  4. Simple flashing or upgrading may not be violation of TOS. Your thoughts?
  5. You can’t, and it could not be someone but just Fiverr system catching up. Rooting is a violation for Fiverr since it breaks Apple TOS. So If I remove rooting related stuff from this gig then will it work?
  6. You can’t, and it could not be someone but just Fiverr system catching up. Rooting is a violation for Fiverr since it breaks Apple TOS. Rooting is not related to Apple but Android operating phones. Then how can you say 61 people to report
  7. @marinapomorac Where to check how many people reported my gig and what kind of violation was this?
  8. Whenever I said its ok to break the rules and have the right to know which rule I had violated so I cant tell you about the violation. My gig was related to flashing/software to smart phones I already have mentioned this above.
  9. And you can also flag the gigs of others whom you say are ⬇️ Yes selling the same service in their gigs
  10. the haven’t been caught yet ( in case the services they provide is illegal ) What were you selling ? Gig was related to android phone flashing and software. My point is, if it is against TOS then why gig did not get rejected at the time of creation. Its totally ridiculous, I mean it is totally non professional way of working. Someone flag my gig
  11. Hi all Is it not funny that a one-year-old approved gig that was most selling in my account today removed by Fiverr and the reason is General violation of TOS. If it is a violation of TOS then how they first approved it one year ago and Why other sellers are still selling the same service in their gigs? It is so annoying and let me tell you 1 more thing, I have created the same gig on another platform which has recently started almost the same feature on their website as Fiverr, have no issue with my gig or services.
  12. Thanks for the info but I am feeling blessed to have kind buyer slight_smile:
  13. Hi, Yesterday I cancelled the order due to some technical issue and I asked the buyer to cancel the order with mutual understanding and the buyer was agreed. Later he asked me to have the half amount of the order due to my time spend on the project. Can we have such facility to cut the half amount of the order when cancel the order? BTW I have cancelled the order with the full amount. Thanks Regards
  14. @cyrusdeg Who said an Iranian cannot get a job. Go ahead and start work.
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