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  1. I don’t find anything funny just because they called you by your buyer’s name. that just shows how non serious Customer Support is on fiverr. it’s trash
  2. thanks for trying to help. I am sure he does not need a decompiled apk. throughout the project i sent him the same files for testing many times, and he never complained or commented about the format. He started doing this after i delivered the work. He is doing it just as delaying tactics to have some sort of reason to press the “Request Revisions” button. In the latest Revision request he didnt mention this. Because I sent him screenshots of everything. Now he said “I am checking function” which means he has the files he needs. he is just playing his next trick.
  3. no. he doesn’t need a decompiled apk. a decompiled apk isn’t in the scope of the project, nor has it been discussed. he won’t be able to do anything with the decompiled apk anyway
  4. Look, I have 86 completed orders and 15 cancelled ones. Almost all of the cancelled ones were due to the buyer ordering without discussing cost etc, or ordering a service i dont offer, or blackmailing like the current buyer is. In all 15 i went to customer support and all i got were responses like “I am sorry this happened, we know it’s not your fault, we wish we could help etc”. Now I couldn’t’ve been wrong all 15 times. I think if they penalised the buyer even ONCE, i could say ok, you win some, you lose some. But that’s not the case at fiverr. the stats are very different on other sites. i’ve won more disputes than i’ve lost. and the disputes happen way less frequently because buyers know they won’t get away with cheating.
  5. Did you ask them to do so? Every time I asked them to contact buyers on my behalf they did. Secondly you could also tell your client that they are misusing revisions button and that they can just drop you a message instead. Third: you are running your own business and fiverr is just a platform. What would you do if you were the complete owner of your business and there wouldn’t be been fiverr behind your back? All business have to deal with difficult clients and take losses in some cases. Did you ask them to do so? - Yes, many times. Secondly you could also tell your client that they are misusing revisions button and that they can just drop you a message instead. - Already did. What would you do if you were the complete owner of your business and there wouldn’t be been fiverr behind your back? - doesn’t apply to this situation. I do work for people outside websites too and then the manner of dealing is very different. I take 30-50% payment in advance and then start the work. Over here, the work is coming through a third-party/moderator (or whatever way you put it) called Fiverr who takes 20% from me on every order and claims to be a fair marketplace. Fiverr wants us to keep communication here, share files here, follow the rules laid down by Fiverr, and they punish us when we don’t follow the rules, so in turn, they SHOULD protect us when someone commits a violation against us of this degree. They claim that they do protect us, but they actually don’t.
  6. Clearly the order is still ongoing. They can easily cancel the order for you. Otherwise, they can’t force the customer to accept the order if he feels that’s not ok. So I can see why Customer Support is saying this. there is nothing in my post about “forcing the buyer to accept the order” If he needs a revision, he can tell me what needs to be revised. but pressing the “Request Revisions” button and then running away is WRONG.
  7. How would you like them to address that “issue”? What you want support to do is to force buyer to accept an order (which will never happen) or to communicate with your buyer instead of yourself. Fiverr is not there to do your job for you, it’s your job to try to communicate and resolve things with buyers when they a raise even if it’s annoying as hell. no, i do not want fiverr to forcefully complete the order. no, i do not want them to do my job. do not make assumptions. There are a number of things they could do. The buyer is abusing the “Request Revisions” feature by waiting for 3 days and then pressing the “Request Revisions” button, without telling me what is to be revised, and without answering my inquiries or responsding to anything i say to him. Fiverr could penalise/warn him for misusing a site feature. Fiverr could tell him that support has been contacted by seller with complains of mal-intent and tell him to speak to me to resolve the issue, or speak to support to convey what is going on, or when he requests revisions this time add a message that explains what needs to be revised. That’s just a start, i could make a list for you. I have accounts on 3 other freelancing websites and i can tell you what they do in such cases. For cheating so blatant they actually do complete the order and pay you for your work. I can share proofs but the system would probbly block them. Another website takes the dispute to a moderator who reads the chat, listens to both sides and then makes a decision. In short, there are MANY things that could be done. Fiverr does NOTHING if it’s the seller who is complaining. I am sure if the buyer had contacted them with this many proofs, the order would be cancelled in a second. I am sure you already know all this, so your lack of empathy is not welcome.
  8. You raise an interesting point. I currently have an ongoing ticket with customer support in which i have tried to be complete factual and logical instead of emotional. I wrote about it in detail in a separate post. Can i request you to take a look at it and tell me if i raise good enough points or not? Because the response from CS has still been cold and indifferent. bot-like replies without addressing the actual issue
  9. If the buyer cancels, can you upload the game as your own and earn from it? The buyer won’t have the rights to use the game if he cancels. Yes, that is certainly a possibility i will consider.
  10. i don’t see this post as truthful at all. I have contacted support many times and all i got is bot-like responses. they never checked the screenshots, videos etc i shared as proof. if they buyer says cancel order, support cancels order. No exceptions.
  11. this is clearly unfair. but unfortunately that is the way fiverr works. The customer support is nonexistent for sellers. the buyers are aware of this and they exploit this again and again.
  12. actually, his circumstances do make it ok to break the rules. Rules were broken against him and he suffered because of that. you can’t police one side.
  13. LoL. what a belittling and rude reply to someone who is clearly grieving over his loss.
  14. Update: Customer support again replied with the same “either communicate with the buyer, or cancel the order”. Nice. The buyer just texted and said “Hi, I am having trouble viewing the game” - just another trick he is trying to pull. He was sent items before as well and he was able to view them just fine. Anyway, I replied with: "Items I have delivered and how they can be viewed: Android APK - can be viewed in any Android phone, or Android Emulator on PC or MAC. I currently have the apk running in my phone just fineiOS build - upload to your iOS account and view in any iPhone, iPad you wishSource code - load it in Unity and view/edit anything you wish."PS. I will keep sharing updates here just to highlight how easy it is for buyers to scam us, and how easily fiverr lets that happen. I know this is heading towards a cancellation. The guy will request revisions again saying “I can’t view the game” or he might ask me to “fix” the game. There is nothing to be fixed, so then he’ll push for a cancellation and that is when Fiverr support will get active too.
  15. I agree with you. It’s really as simple as that. If a buyer can see my Completion rate before placing an order, I should be able to see how many orders he placed, and how many of them were cancelled by him. The way it stands, the system is hardly impartial. When a project is cancelled, if it decreases my Completion rate even when it wasn’t my mistake, the cancellation should also show in the Buyer’s profile so we can be careful before we decide to work for people with high cancellation rates.
  16. I have 85 accepted orders, and 16 cancellations. All cancellations were due to rogue buyers who did one of these: Ordered a service I don’t provideAsked for extra work after Order was delivered (most resorted to blackmail, and threatened to give bad review)Changed their mind mid-project because of reasons not related to the order itself (one guy cancelled a 1500 order because he was having problems with other sellers he had hired)the first sad thing about it is that most of them had 5-star reviews which means they knew how the system worked and deliberately cheated. The second sad thing about it is that Fiverr’s customer support did absolutely nothing to penalise them or assit me
  17. not sure what you were expecting … they can’t force a buyer to accept an order. how about “Dear buyer, you used the “Request Revisions” feature 3 times without actually requesting any revisions. This is an abuse of a Site Feature, and is not allowed. You can communicate with seller if you wish to have some revision in your delivery.” and this “can’t force buyer to accept order” is a farce argument. They can, and when it’s proven that someone is cheating, they should. Other websites do that easily. Rogue people are everywhere, it just depends on how the website handles them. Fiverr has given an absolute freehand to the buyers. They abuse us as they wish, and all Fiverr says is “communicate with the client”. If the guy was communicating, why would i ever go to Customer Support?
  18. Update: I did get a reply from customer support, and as expected they say they won’t do anything about this. Instead they say you have 2 options: keep communicating with the clientcancel the orderWow. what the hell is “customer support” there for then? I have worked on other websites too and NEVER do they give responses like this.
  19. thanks for the supportive comments guys. so far no response by support. so i’ll keep waiting.
  20. The hits keep coming. Just last week an order had to be canceled because AFTER delivery the buyer started asking for extra work and threatened to leave a poor review. After trying to convince him, he still wouldn’t budge, so i had to accept his cancellation request and now my Completion Rate is down to 89%. Throughout the process, I kept talking to Customer support and they did absolutely NOTHING to resolve the issue, except for apologising and saying “we know it’s not your fault but there’s nothing we can do”. Now, another rogue buyer, who has all 5-star reviews has requested revisions for the 3rd time. Just sharing the messages he sent with each revision: Hi. Please Give zip file for both iOS version and android version. Also Download had problem, virus scan stopped. Thanks.It was already a zip file, and it already contained iOS and Android Versions. So he either didn’t check properly or just straight lied. Even if there was a problem with the download, he could have asked me about it instead of “Requesting Revision”. Anyway, I re-uploaded the folders. I also made a google drive link and uploaded the folders there and sent the link Two days later: Hi. File will not open or download. Also there should be an iOS version and android version. If you could fix. Thanks much.Again, iOS and Android were already uploaded. I re-uploaded a 3rd time. I shared screenshots of the iOS and Android versions that were named properly. and for 2 days straight I asked him to check now and if there is any issue, tell me so i can fix it. Because of the screenshots I sent, this time he couldn’t say “Please upload iOS and Android”. I uploaded, downloaded, and sent a screenshot as proof that everything is there and everything is downloading just fine. After almost 3 days (exactly 1 hour before the order would have been automatically complete): Hi. Checking function. Thanks.The first delivery was made on 25th Nov. The 3rd one on 29th Nov. He had ample time to check the function. Even before the 25th I had sent him multiple updates to check the function. All of you can see by now what his intentions are. Now i can’t send the delivery again because the order is appearing as late in my profile. Yet again, I know customer support will do NOTHING at all in this matter and it sickens me to the core. So much hard work and then these guys start cheating under the protection of fiverr and we sellers are left to rot. Lost one order 2 weeks ago due to no fault of my own, and now this guy is torturing me without reason. I have repeatedly left him polite messages to which he doesn’t respond, and then suddenly just Requests Revisions. I am just so fed up of this. Have considered leaving fiver before as well due to this bullshit, but I’ve invested 2 years of my life here and done 80+ orders so now I am tethered to that and stuck here. Can anybody please tell me what can be done about this? the mental stress due to repeated occurrences is quite demoralising
  21. the “just give it to him” part is quite a heartbreaker. I know what you mean. but these buyers keep exploiting us like this and there’s nothing support ever does… and there’s nothing we can do about it.
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