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My all gigs are going down Why?


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Hi, I’m a level 2 seller on Fiverr but the only first time I am facing these issues, My all gigs start going down even I don’t have any bad reviews or Warning. I am creating new gigs but they are not appearing in the Newest arrival section and showing zero impressions, clicks & orders from 3 to 4 days even I changed each and everything in the gig but still no new impression or anything. I contacted the Fiverr Support but sorry to say it’s not like as it was before the very slow response. What’s going on Fiverr? Please guide me.

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Its good to hear that I am not alone. Its the exact same situation happening with me.

Gig impressions are going down day by day. I am a level 2 seller, I use to receive message and orders everyday but now no new message or orders. Contacted fiverr support and they are saying its not in our control, it all depends on Fiverr algorithm but the problem is its happening with many people so its definitely a BUG !!

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What can we do together?? I think we should all create a ticket to fiverr regarding that by also mentioning that

“other colleagues and fiverr sellers facing this issue too so its kind of a bug which needs to be resolved by fiverr”

What do you guys say?

A lot of it is probably because of lots more sellers joining. There’s a lot more competition, including for positions in search results.

If I enter a search and starting typing “data scr” it will recommend “data scraping”. But in your

“I will do data entry, web scrap, data mining, email database, virtual assistant” gig in all 3 packages you say “Data Scrapping”. So that might lower the chance of someone finding that gig by searching for “data scraping” (though it’s in the gig description correctly). Maybe the title saying “web scrap” might not help too.

The main issue is the increased competition, limited number of search pages, and maybe not enough buyers for the gigs compared to the amount of gigs for those services.

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