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  1. He is not responding to my messages as I need verification code to log in into his account. And he accepted my 3rd time extension request.
  2. You don’t get it I need verification code to access his account. He have time to accept time extension requests but he is not able to provide me code.
  3. Hi, I just wanna know if a buyer isn’t responding to your time extension requests so after the delivery time will we still got affected by late delivery? Thanks Khiz
  4. Great idea but you should have strong grip on required skills.
  5. Requested 4th time for an order cancelation but no response from support. Delivery is due now. 😣
  6. I think it’s because of corona. :thinking:
  7. Additional: You can use pinterest as well.
  8. Use linkedin, twitter for gig promotion.
  9. In short cancellation is better than bad rating. Cancel through customer support it won’t affect your completion score. Report his profile with chat screenshots.
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